Geechie Boy Grits


Few foods insert themselves in history, weaving their way through a culture and into customs. Only a select few culinary creations find their way into the simplest of breakfast bowls at modest kitchen tables while also being served on the finest dinner plates in world-class restaurants.

Yet that is the story of grits. And, in many ways, it’s the story of Geechie Boy Grits, carefully ground in historic mills by a family deeply rooted in South Carolina and committed to preserving the art of milling grits.

Geechie Boy Mill products – grits, flour and cornmeal – are milled on site and used by individuals as well as dozens of restaurants around the country. The skill that comes with operating a gristmill has been reborn in a new generation on this farm. The history of grits has been secured, sealed in like the flavorful taste of warm grits fresh from the farm.

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OPENING June 2nd

New Days & Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9am-6pm